Darkness Shall Rise

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July 18, 2012

"Oh... my feet... I can't feel my feet."

"There was so many of them, and they wouldn't stop."

"My gears locked up sereval times. I didn't even know my gears could lock up."

"I don't even have enough energy to play video games."

- Cole, Kai, Zane, and Jay

Darkness Shall Rise is the first episode of Season 3.


The ninja are helping in fixing Ninjago City after the Devourer was defeated. Nya then informs them that she has found a real estate agent named Patty Keys who will help them find a place to live. Nya and Sensei Wu than say they have to leave to find parts for the Ninja Tank (or Ultra-Sonic raider). Sensei also tells them that there new destiny is to train Lloyd. Meanwhile, Skales along with the other tribe generals attempt to regain the trust of the Serpentine after Pythor's defeat. However, Lord Garmadon forces the Serpentine to follow him, recreating the remains of the Destiny's Bounty into a ship he named "The Black Bounty", leaving Skales and the generals behind. Meanwhile, Patty Keys attempts to sell the ninjas a bad quality apartment room, saying it is the only place they can afford. The ninjas then state they need a place to train Lloyd and are then introduced to the "Hero Suite", a room at the top of the apartment shaped like a dojo that has a training room. Although Zane states the room is to expensive, Patty tells them that they deserve the room. The ninja then decide to get jobs to pay for the rent of the room. Lord Garmadon and the serpentine fly to the Golden Peaks, birthplace of the golden weapons, and fuses the Golden Weapons together into a Master Weapon. He plans to use it to destroy Sensei and the Ninjas so they will never be able to train Lloyd, then the prophecy will never be fulfilled.


  • Kai's ZX mask is missing the top piece in one scene.
  • In the Ninja's apartment there is a Royal Blacksmiths poster above the sink.


  • Sensei Wu say's "I feel a great disturbance in the force.", a quote from Star Wars.


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Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu - 301 - Darkness Shall Rise

Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu - 301 - Darkness Shall Rise

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