The Stone Army

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October 3, 2012

The Stone Army is the seventh episode of Ninjago Season 3.

Story Edit

Garmadon plans to find the island of darkness, but Scales pushes him off the Rattlecopter. The Great Devourer venom brings a mini stone army back to life at a museum. After they defeated the army, Sensei Wu introduces lloyd's mother to the ninja. Lloyd get's angry at his mother because she hasn't seen him. Misako, Lloyd's mother,says she was gone because she was reseaching the history of Ninjago to prevent the battle of Loyd and Garmadon. She found out that when Ninjago was created it had in evil, the Overlord. The Overlord created his own army,the stone army. The creater of Ninjago battled the Overlord and Ninjago spit into two one part an island of darkness. Meanwhile, the Great Devourer venom revives a giant, four armed Stone Warrior. The ninja trys to see how they can defeat him, Lloyd's mother says "He is unstoppable"and the power to defeat him is in the island of darkness. Garmadon is then found washed up on the beach of a rather tropical island. He gets scared when he hears a voice coming from the trees. The voice is the overlord, and garmadon knows where he is. The island of darkness. Meanwhile, at the museum, the ninja are still fighting the stone warrior. They plan to send 1 ninja to fight him but then Lloyd has an idea. He goes through an air vent and the ninja hide. Then Cole drops a dinosaur skeleton on the warrior but he breaks free. Misako starts running and finds Lloyd. The stone warrior swings his swords and steps onto a sheet of paper, which snaps and sends him into the bottomless pit. On the island of darkness, Garmadon finds 4 handholds and holds them. Then, the overlord appears and both villains start laughing. The island of darkness emerges from the sea.

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